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Homalomena Rec109 K0420-f1

Homalomena sp.Sibolga Timur × H.cf.humilis Platinum Velvet

This is Homalomena I created.
Interspecies hybrid.
The mother has dark brown leaves with strong velvet and glitter.
The father has white super metallic leaves.

Shipping is only available to the USA,Singapore,Thailand.
The transit time is 2-3 days.
Products will be shipped out on Mondays. If a holiday falls on a Monday, then products will be shipped on the next day instead.
We are not able to provide the specific date of arrival.

Up to 12 plants can be included in one shipment.
It is not possible to ship more than 12 plants in one shipment without an import permit per US laws.

A Japanese phytosanitary document will be provided. It is a legitimate document required for import and export.
Please see the sample photo.

* All plant roots will be removed at the time of shipment per regulations of USDA.
Please see the sample photo.

After you receive the plants, please place the plants in a small container for high humidity to encourage rooting.

*It is usually shipped with roots,but itis washed before shipping,which can damage the roots.(Begonia has almost no roots)

Buyer needs to have general knowledge of plants care.

* The shipping fee includes the phytosanitary cost.
Flat rate applicable for United States nationwide.

Shipping: $ 30
Phytosanitary document:$ 30
In total: $ 60

If all items are dead on arrival, we will issue a full refund.
If some of the items arrive in poor conditions, we will only issue refund for those items.
If the shipment is lost in transit, we will issue a full refund.


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